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SFX Wireworks Set 
Matrix Themed Fight Sequence Set in a Grain Silo
Created with Rhino 6


Design Development

Director’s Plan

web_3d modeling.jpg

From Paper to Digital 
Ext. Moon Crater (short film, 2021)
From paper model to digital model for a moon crater set with LED wall, given to VFX for Unreal Engine previz.

Moon_open crater_package_210531_1.jpg
moon_crater_06_dir ref_kate looking at moon_led earth (2).jpg

Production Designer Dara Wishingrad's concept sketch

Ext. Moon Crater Paper study model, with Photoshop background

SketchUp Digital Study Model

Moon_open crater_package_210531_5.jpg
Moon_open crater_package_210531_4.jpg
Moon_open crater_package_210531_6.jpg
Moon_open crater_package_210531_10.jpg

Director's Plan (Created with Layout)

Moon_open crater_package_210531_2.jpg

VFX's Unreal Engine previz using SketchUp model asset


VFX Set Extension Storyboard  

Action Comedy Story Genre Set in a Roman Arena Naval Battle
Created with Rhino 6

web_3d modeling_1.jpg

EXT./INT. Sleazy Motel
SketchUp Podium Render

web_3d modeling_2.jpg

EXT. Odeon Cinema Day/Night
SketchUp Podium Render

web_3d modeling_2 - Copy.jpg
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